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  • Naomi Segal

World Environment Day 2022

Today is World Environment Day, and the theme for this year is Only One Earth, with focus on living sustainably in harmony with nature.

This campaign calls for collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet.

We have implemented a complete ban on ALL plastic packaging within our business by July 2022. We will only use glass and metal packaging, which can be recycled infinitely.

Keep reading for a few reasons why we’ve come to this decision.

- Scientists estimate that plastic takes somewhere between 450-1000 years to decompose.

- Recycling plastic is a lot more complicated then a symbol on the back of a product - and the process of recycling plastics is complex. For example, just because a product has the recycling sign, doesn’t mean it actually gets recycled.

- If our packaging isn’t in good shape when we throw it away, it will be sent to landfill or an incinerator.

- According to the Science History Institute, the same piece of plastic can only be recycled about 2-3 times before its quality decreases to the point where it can no longer be used.

- Each time plastic is recycled additional new material is added to help ‘upgrade' its quality, so that the recycled product has a better chance at being sold in the market.

- The basic ingredient of plastic is crude petroleum, which means the raw materials used to make fossil fuels and plastics are one and the same.

- There are also lots of unknown effects of plastic on human health, on the ocean’s carbon pump, and on climate change, purely from the presence of plastic in the ocean.

Check out more on World Environment Day and how you can participate,

however big or small.


Science History Insititute

United Nations WRAP World Environment Day Ellen MacArthur Foundation National Geographic

Client Earth

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